Taiko is a great learning experience for anyone at any level. Age and disability are no barrier to the absorbing and exciting art of Taiko, and the atmosphere of creativity and social awareness can have a positive effect on players in and out of the workplace.  Taiko teaches discipline, coordination, social and object etiquette, self-control and awareness.

Taiko_D_15_43With the focus on achievement, teamwork and confidence building, Taiko is the perfect mental and physical workout for everyone – energy and enthusiasm are all you need! Taiko gives delegates the chance to be loud, creative and energetic in a positive environment where self-expression and passion are encouraged, giving them confidence and a sense of achievement and respect that goes beyond the workplace.

CCS Taiko can develop and entertain your staff with a physical and mental team building event; a single workshop, or a regular schedule of workshops, to be implemented in the workplace or a venue of your choice. Group sizes can vary in size, but groups of up to 20 players would be optimal. Workshops can be tailored according to your team and budget, addressing specific objectives and requirements.

Benefits of Introducing Taiko to Your TeamTaiko_D_15_17

  • Participants learn, develop and perform Taiko as a team
  • Players working together can reveal strengths and skills of team members
  • State of mind is focussed on a task which can benefit an individual and the whole team
  • Taiko is a high-energy workout for body and mind
  • Taiko encourages creativity, self-expression and confidence

For more information please contact or call 07775 943343

Taiko_D_15_30Recent delegate comments:Taiko_D_15_36

“Great fun – for a change. Felt liberated mentally”

“Nice way to unload. Great fun”

“Great fun and allowed everyone to bond and feel less inhibited”

“Great fun! Best ‘team’ activity I’ve done at any course”

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